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Do you need old System software disks to boot your Mac of the past?

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If you answered “yes”, then you have come to the right place!
Custom Disks
System 6.0.8
Pac Man
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Apple //c System
DOS 3.3
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At RescueMyClassicMac, I offer vintage operating systems, games, applications, and utilities on vintage floppy disks for your classic Mac or Apple II.
Maybe you found a classic Mac curb-side. Maybe you scored an Apple II on eBay and it never came with a boot disk? Whatever the case, most people who come into possession of a vintage Apple want to see it live again. Can you blame them?
However, most people are unable to make a boot disk because they can't bridge the gap between their classic Apple and their modern computer.
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Classic Mac Operating Systems such as System 6 and 7 are obsolete but have been made available for free via a download from Apple. The problem is, classic Macs like the Macintosh Plus have an 800K floppy drive. You can not read a 1.44 Meg floppy disk on most classic Macs, and a modern computer can not read or write to an old 800K floppy disk. Not to mention the additional hardware required to write to 5.25" floppies!

I do not sell software. All titles available here are classified as abandonware and are easily and readily available for download all over the internet. However, you’ll find that downloading old disk images and getting them onto vintage 3.5" and 5.25" floppies is no easy task!
I will gladly make a disk for you. Just head over to the "Buy A Disk" page on the left and pick out what you need.

I hope I can help make your Apple boot again!

Kevin Rye,
your fellow Apple enthusiast

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